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          • "Walking through the doors on Open Evenings I could just tell there was a warm, welcoming atmosphere; now that I am here I love coming to school every day and know I will use everything I have learnt in later life."

          • "A school that makes everybody feel welcome and makes every student feel as though they are important."

          • “我很自豪能成为这所学校的一部分,爱每一刻。”

          • "A positive, inclusive environment that allows students to reach their full potential."

          • "Sutton Girls has helped me to make friends for life and has offered me opportunities that I would not get elsewhere."

          • "Endless opportunities in every field, from sport to theatre to academia, and there is an environment of aspiration and ambition that makes Sutton Girls a lovely place to grow up in"

          • “的氛围,让您在学术繁荣和个人发展的。”

          • “一个地方,你可以是你。”

          • “Sutton Girls has always thrown challenges my way, yet equipped me with skills and the motivation to push the boundaries and achieve my full potential.”




          从欢迎 班主任


          365bet体育 初中女孩 has a long tradition of providing students with a high quality, broad and balanced education. This is a happy and purposeful learning environment, where staff and students work together and enjoy coming to school. Here, teachers are subject specialists who share their enthusiasm as well as their knowledge. 学生们 are encouraged to develop ‘a growth mindset’ in order to see the value of effort, have a positive approach to overcoming difficulties and take responsibility for their learning.



          • 学校和高等教育之间您的桥梁

            Our students are drawn from the surrounding area, with many travelling long distances to be a part of Sutton Girls. There are over 240 students in our Sixth Form. Many of our Year 11 students choose to stay and study in the 365bet along with new students choosing to join the school in Year 12.

          • 学生领导团队

            All students in the 365bet are role models to the other year groups, they are the head of the school and are given privileges to reflect their attitude and approach to learning. 学生们 set high expectations of themselves with regards to their demeanour and looking after younger students. The Senior Student Leadership team is the epitome of this.


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